Do you know what could happen to your assets should you be sued for something that occurred at your home and the legal costs of the lawsuit greatly exceed your liability coverage? Who will pick up the tab if you are responsible for a multi-car accident and the damages exceed the limits on your auto insurance policy? For excess protection for you and your family, an umbrella policy is essential.


An umbrella policy provides exactly the type of coverage that it sounds like it would – it provides additional coverage for you and your family to “stand under” should your policy limits be exceeded.


Umbrella policies protect you from accidents or occurrences where damages go beyond the liability limits of standard insurance policies (ie. homeowner’s insurance, car insurance, etc). Most liability coverage that rests within your current insurance policies only covers bodily injury and property damage to others. Umbrella policies will extend those limits to not only provide additional coverage for bodily injury and property damage, but also to cover things that are not listed under regular liability allowances.

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